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Wintergreen - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Gaultheria Procumbci)

WINTERGREENWintergreen smells similar to birch, and becahttps: birch is so much more available, has often been sold as wintergreen. It has wonderful stimulant properties. It has been https:d traditionally in liniments and salves for muscle spasm. Wintergreen has stimulant, antiseptic, diuretic properties. A familiar taste in gum, candy, root beer, and toothpaste, the food flavoring industry https:s synthetic methyl salicylate.

Origin of wintergreen

It is a traditional native North American remedy, https:d for aches and pains and to help breathing while hunting or carrying heavy loads. It is a small evergreen herb which grows up to 15cm (6 in) high, with slender stems, leathery serrated leaves and drooping white flowers, followed by fleshy scarlet berries.

Properties of Wintergreen oil

Wintergreen has a cooling, moisturizing effect. It can be fatal when ingested, so check thoroughly with the aromatherapists. It acts as carminative, astringent, analgesic, antiseptic, expectorant and diuretic.

Most common https:s

· It may be https:d for boils, swelling, fluid retention, lymphatic congestion.
· In a douche for leucorreah.
· Makes an excellent gargle for a sore throat, and has been https:d to treat genital infections (douche or sic bath).
· Relieves Rheumatism.

Mixes well with:Anise, calamus, vanilla, lavender, rosemary, sage, birch, fir, mints, juniper, eucalyptus, ylang ylang, and tuberose.

Warning: Internal ingestion of the oil might be fatal.