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Vetiver - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Veriveria Zizanoides)

VETIVERVertiver is commonly known as Khus-Khus in India. "Sherbet" of vertiver is very popular here. Its also used widely for medicinal purpose. Vertiver is also known as "Oil of Tranquility."

Nothing brings you back to your center as strongly as vertiver. When you feel scattered, the use of vetiver in a blend can end the confusion your choices suddenly become clear. In India, this grassy plant is sown wherever there is erosion of the soil. Its strong roots hold onto the soil and prevent loss. It is useful for aging or irritated skin. It is reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect and be a female tonic. It helps to connect you to the earth and feel your purpose. It is reported to be useful in post-natal depression.

Origin of Vetiver

It is a tall, tufted, perennial, scented grass with long narrow leaves and an abundant complex lacework of underground white roots and is mainly cultivated in the tropics, such as India, Tahiti, Java and Haiti.

Properties of vertiver oil

Vertiver has a warm and grounding properties, which also acts as antiseptic, tonic, relaxant, woman`s hormone balancer, grounding, regenerating, strengthening, aphrodisiac, rubefacient and moth repellent.

Most Common Uses

· Vetiver oil calms and soothes the mind and helps to dispel anger.
· Hysteria and irritability and neurotic behavior can also be reduced,.
· It revitalizes the body and helps with mental and physical exhaustion.
· Is also used for general aches and pains, especially for rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain.
· Relieves insomnia.

Mixes well with: Rosewood, jatamansi, all citrus, sandalwood, dhavana, angelica, geranium, ylang ylang, rose, lavender, cinnamon, patchouli, oakmoss and clary sage.

Warning: in creating a lotion or perfume, it can take over the smell