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Vanilla - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Vanilla Plantifolia)

VANILLAVanilla is commonly available as an oleoresin and occasionally as an essential oil or absolute. Extraction by ethyl alcohol (grain) is necessary if it is to be used internally. Vanilla is mixable in essential oils for blending purposes. The odor is a relaxant for stress, anger, and tension, and it can be added to a blend for aphrodisiac effect for tense lovers.

Origin of Vanilla

It is a perennial herbaceous climbing vine that can grow up to 25 meters (82 feet) high and is native to Central America and Mexico.
In cultivation, the deep trumpet-shaped flowers of the plant must be hand-pollinated, but in Mexico the native humming bird does the work.

Properties of Vanilla Oil

It is Warm and moisturizing oil that acts as tonic calms, relaxes, softens anger, frustration and irritability. Its also a mild stimulant for menstruation.

Most common Uses

· Vanilla oil is used as a flavoring agent in pharmaceutical products.
· Its used in food and in tobacco .
· Is also an ingredient in some oriental type perfumes.
· Stimulates sexual arousal.
· Stimulates mensurations.

Mixes well with: sandalwood, vetiver, spice oils, bergamot and Rose.

Warning: none