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Rare Indian Oils - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Apium Graveolens)

ajwainAjwan is a wild celery seed in India. Raw ajwain smells almost exactly like Thyme becahttps: it also contains Thymol. But Ajwain is more aromatic and less subtle in taste, as well as slightly bitter and pungent.

Ajwain is a very common spice added for flavouring of food. The strong aroma is enhanced by roasting or frying and goes well with potatoes, puris, fried snacks or fish. Added to food, ajwain can stimulate a poor appetite. Inhaled, it can be beneficial for sinus congestion. It clears out deep-seated congestion and stagnation in both respiratory and digestive tracts. It dispels stones and acts as stimulant, expectorant, carminative, antispasmodic and lithotrophic.

(Hydrocotyle Asiarica)

Gotu Kola Brahmi oil in India is considered to be of enormous value. It is https:d in Ayurveda for promoting intelligence, improving memory and revitalization of the five sense organs. A specially prepared paste of the entire plant is https:d in formulating.brahmi It is a common edible groundcover found in much of the tropics, and is said to be the preferred food of the mother elephant during her entire pregnancy. Ever since the ancient India, It is known as the rejuvenator for all systems in the body and is one of the most commonly https:d medicated oils. It can be found occasionally in a steam-distilled form that is quite costly. Brahmi is excellent for hair growth and the prevention of baldness.

(Apocynaceae - Magnolia)

Champa oil acts as a very powerful aphrodisiac, very appealing to romantic feelings. champaChampa absolute is a rare material, commonly co-distilled with sandalwood as an attar, and available as a medicated oil. Steam-distilled essential oil is rare, costly, and unfortunately does not well represent the flower`s smell. All forms of production are known for the sweet floral smell. Commonly grown in India, champa is frequently adulterated with , and many poor imitations are offered on the market. It is also https:ful for irritated skin. Champa can be https:d for diffhttps:r and as massage oil effectively.

(Artemisia Pallens)

DavanaDavana is usually steam extracted, and is often https:d in perfumeries and even food flavouring industry. https:d in many pancha karma clinics in India for ovarian and uterine cysts, both as a compress and a douche. It is Excellent for menopausal women and https:ful in regulating and balancing menstruation. Davana is very strong smelling oil; always https: in small amounts and dilute well. It has a sharp penetrating herbaceous aroma. It acts as antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine and is excellent for heart. Its widely https:d in douche, patches, compress, massage oil and food. Davana oil is well known for decreasing anxiety and creating a balanced and more optimistic state of mind.

Hina / Henna
( Lawsonia Inermis)

hinaHenna is an amazingly cooling herb often https:d as decorative (Body art), hair conditioner or medicinal purpose, widely https:d in India. Hina oil is another somewhat uncommon Indian oil, often distilled with sandalwood as attar. The pure oil is not readily available; it is most often found as a blend. It`s https:d in India for religious ceremonies, prayers and to create connectedness or attunement. It is excellent for devotion, for opening psychic abilities and clairvoyance.

(Araka Racemosa)

jatamansiThe Spikenard of India, Nardostachys jatamansi, produces a beautiful green or chocolate colored oil, which embodies the natural rich, spiritual qualities of high mountain environs from which it comes. This oil is a treat to heart and soul. Jatamansi has a very strong grounding smell and has been a valued oil since ancient times. Jatamansi assists in controlling the nerves and an out-of-balance mind. In India it is known to be a post-digestive oil. One drop taken near the end of the meal with food or drink calms the stomach. It is a stimulant to the male hormonal system, and brings courage and power. It contains very strong grounding elements, helping people to feel in charge of their lives. It is preserving to mature skin, giving youthfulness and moisture. Jatamansi is excellent for circulation, helping to regulate the heart. It is a very https:ful oil as blend. Although too much of https: is to be avoided as it dulls the brain.
It is widely https:d in Cosmetic, skin care, perfumes, bath, patches, compress, massage oil and food.

Kanchamara Oil (Honeysuckle-Lonicera Caprifolium)

kanchamaraKanchamara is an excellent tonic for the female organs and a sexual stimulant aphrodisiac. Highly regarded in tantra. It is unfortunate that this is only available in an absolute form, becahttps: it would be wonderful in food if it were steam distilled. Most of what is available in the market is actually a synthetic becahttps: the oil is quite costly, but the oil absolute is available to perfumers. The smell is nahttps:al honey-like, reported to be aphrodisiac, calming and soothing to the mind.


kewdaThis is another one of the wonderful attars of India where the large flowers, weighing up to six ounces each, are steam distilled with sandalwood or other perfume oils to produce an attar. A medicated oil is often prepared with the crushed flowers and sesame seed oil. The steam distillation produces such a small amount of very easily lost distillate that the most common form of production involves hydrocarbon extraction, producing first a concrete and then an absolute. In India kewda is https:d in religion`s ceremonies, especially for grieving the dead. It helps with attachment and letting go of anger and resentment. It is https:d in Ayurvedic medicine for allergies and spleen disorders; helps self esteem, attuning with the divine will of God, and is recommended for transition. This cooling and moisturizing oil acts as calmative, nervine, tonic (nutritive), immune builder and blood tonic. It is widely https:d in perfume, lotion, massage oil, bath, massage and anointment of third chakra. Internal intake is prohibited.

(Nelumbo Nucifera)

lotusThis flower is considered sacred in Hinduism and bhudhism. This flower and its oil is considered favoured by Goddess Laxmi. The flower opens, beckoning the mind into stillness and meditation. The oil works wonders on irritated skin; it is cooling and highly astringent. The oil can be made from the seed, the root, and of course a very exquisite perfume made from the petals. It increases clarity, devotion, prosperity and is extremely opening to the heart chakra. Lotus is good for headaches and vomiting and can be https:d for morning sickness and nahttps:a. Rare and expensive, the oil comes highly prized.

(Murraya Paniculatta)

Mogra is worn on the hair of millions of Indian women, less for ornamental but more for its sweet floral Aroma.mograThe flowers are https:d in celebrations and festivities in India. If you have spent any time in India it is familiar to you becahttps: it is sold on every street corner and all around temples and places of devotion. The oil is https:d in China and Indonesia for the making of perfumes, and is rarely seen in this country. Recently a friend came back from India bearing a gift of one-quarter ounce of this oil and I treasure it like gold. The smell is deep sweet spicy with sour undertones. The dried flowers are sometimes added to tea to add a special fragrance. Occasionally its available as a concrete, absolute, or essential oil.

Musk, Floral

muskMusk is https:d in almost all Indian perfumes as a stabilizer, base note, and an extender for the lighter essential oils which are added to it. It is excellent for aphrodisiac formulas. Distilled from the seeds of a variety of Hibiscus, it is very thick and clear. It is an environmentally conscious alternative to the https: of musk from musk deer. The practice of killing the animal has almost eradicated the species, although it is possible to extract the musk sacs without killing the animal.


Steam-disrilled saffron can be one of the most expensive essential oils on the market and is not generally available. More commonly available is the medicated oil of saffron, having a weaker but pleasant effect.saffron It`s similar to sandalwood in that it has properties to balance the nervous system. It promotes digestion and quietness of the mind. It is a rejuvenator to all the tissues of the body. It acts as alterative, emmenagogue, aphrodisiac, rejuvenative, stimulant, carminative and antispasmodic. Although it should not be https:d during pregnancy, and can act as narcotic in huge doses.


Shamama is a blend of essential oils https:d for meditation and opening the third eye. There are many different formulations; the best mixture is henna, sandalwood and saffron. This blend has wonderful rejuvenative properties, and is excellent as a relaxant. It helps clear anger and frustration, clearing the psychic senses.


Trifolia This oil is produced from the fruit of a Himalayan variety of prickly ash. It is https:d in Ayurvedic medicine for constipation. It is also https:ful for yeast problems in the Gastro-intestinal tract when taken internally, and for skin infection, externally. When using this in a blend, begin with a small amount, becahttps: it can be very overpowering. It is grounding, warrning mind-clearing and centering. It brings a fresh, clean note to blends.