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Poor Blood Circulation, Colds And Coughs - Cure by aromatherapy

Essential oils can help to boost the blood flow, reduce cellulite, warm over-cold hands or feet and give a fresher, healthy glow to the complexion.
· Basil.
· Cedarwood.
· Spruce.
· Ginger.
· Lemon.
· Lemongrass.
· Myrrh.
· Pine.
· Peppermint.
· Rosemary.
· Clary sage.
· Bay.
· Ambrette seed.
· Ylang-ylang.

Essential oils can help soothe some of the symptoms of aches, sore eyes, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, nose and chest congestion, but nothing known to science will cure the cold yet.

Essential oils acting as decongestant and anti viral are:
· Peppermint.
· Eucalyptus.
· Lavender.
· Lime.
· Pine.
· Tea-tree.

Oils known to relieve Sinus congestion are:
· Angelica.
· Thyme.
· Camphor
· Bay
· Myrrh.
· Spruce laurel (strengthens resistance).

 COUGHS Inhaled essential oils are very effective at soothing a cough. In fact, many prepared medications such as Vicks Vaporub have aroma oils as their main ingredient.

Oils acting as expectorant and anti viral are:
· Angelica
· Atlas cedarwood
· Eucalyptus
· Peppermint
· Myrrh
· Spruce

Oils acting as a decongestant:
· Ginger
. Rosemary

Essential oils as anti viral:
· Pine
· Cedar.
· Cypress
· Lemon