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Pain, Shaving Rash And Sports Aids - Cure by aromatherapy

These oils can help:
· Eucalyptus
· Lavender
· Juniper
· Rosemary
· Black pepper

The best way to treat pain and tension is with massage. Get your partner to work on your back, neck and shoulders with one of the above oils in a carrier oil, or try a little self massage.

Eucalyptus is a great pain reliever. For maximum benefit, it should be https:d in the bath followed ba an aromatherapy massage.


Often called razor burn, this can be anything from dry, flaky skin, to really red, sore irritation after shaving. Shaving flakes of dead cells from the skin`s surface leaves the skin extra sensitive. Aftershaves usually contain alcohol, and can irritation already sensitive skin.

Add three drops of clary sage oil and three drops of lavender to ½ pint (300 ml) of rosewater or orange flower water. Pat on the face after shaving and repeat after two to three hours.


 SPORTS AIDSWarming up before any strenuous activity is important if you are not to over-stretch or strain your body. The following oils mixed with carrier oil should be rubbed on the legs, arms, shoulders and lower back at least fifteen minutes before the exercise session.

· Benzoin
· Black pepper
· Cajaput
· Clary sage
· Clove
· Ginger
· Marjoram


After vigorous exercise, your muscles cool down and the fibers start to shorten again. This can cahttps: aches and pains, and the joints become stiff. The following oils can help speed up the recovery:

· Benzoin
· Camomile
· Frankincense
· Jasmine
· Lavender
· Sandalwood
· Vetiver

You can add one to your bath and soak for at least fifteen minutes.
Or mix into a carrier oil and https: for self-massage.
Or ask a friend or partner to massage aching areas.