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Neroli - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Citrus Bigaradia or Awranrium)

NEROLINeroli is also known as Orange blossom. Neroli is made from the flowers of the orange tree, and is named after a famous Italian princess who wore it as her signature perfume. It is one of the most expensive and most intense-smelling oils, best appreciated in very mild dilutions. Neroli connects you to the God self within. It gives confidence and Strength to the mind, has relaxing properties which help with sleeplessness, and can be an ally during times of stress. It has a special affinity for the female immune system, and is part of all our female immune regulatory formulas. It helps women in almost any stage of transition, reduces cramps, assists in menopahttps:, is excellent with depression, anger and the heart.

Origin of Neroli

The main producers are France, Italy and Tunisia but it is also produced in Morocco, Algeria and the Comoro Islands. Neroli is also called brigade oil or orange flower oil. Neroli is called Neroli brigade oil or orange flower oil.

Water distillation of the flowers of the bitter orange tree produces pale yellow oil, which becomes darker as it ages. It has a powerful, exotic, floral perfume, and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. After distillation orange flower water is obtained from the remaining water, in which there are some remnants of the essential oil.

Properties of Neroli oil

The therapeutic properties of Neroli oil are antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, carminative, cordial, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic.

Most common https:s:

  • Fortifies the nervous system.
  • Calming for palpitations.
  • Helps insomnia.
  • Relieves anxiety.

  • Good for acne and eczema.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Mixes well with: Rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, cypress, juniper and all citrus, rosewood, petitgrain, chamomile, everlasting, cardamom and myrrh.

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