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Irritability, Jet Lag And Lack Of Confidence - Cure by aromatherapy

The following oils can help:
· Camomile
· Lavender
· Marjoram
· Neroli.
· Rose
· Vetivert
· Rosemary

These oils can be https:d in the bath.
Or they can be https:d for steam inhalation.
Or https: them in a burner or vaporizer.
They can also be https:d inhaled neat (particularly rosemary and neroli) for quick relief.

 JET LAGA jet lag often happens when you move in different time zones while travelling from one country to the other. This affects you when your internal body clock becomes disoriented. It can cahttps: changes in the normal eating and sleep patterns and is generally debilitating. Drink plenty of water and soft drinks during your flight. Avoid taking alcohol and if possible eat as little as possible. Sleep if you can and before travelling, make up the following aromatherapy blend.

Add four drops of rosemary, four drops of ylang ylang and four drops of lemon oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of carrier oil. Massage it on the neck, face and back of the neck upto the base of the skull during the flight. On arrival, pour some of the blend into a warm bath and soak in it for atleast 15 minutes.

These oils can help:
· Rosemary
· Neroli
· Petitgrain
· Jasmine

These oils can be inhaled neat for a quick uplift.
They can be https:d in a bath.
These oils can also be https:d in a burner or vaporizer.