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Eucalyptus - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Eucalyptus globules)

EUCALYPTUSEucalyptus is one of the most commonly https:d essential oils. It is currently https:d in many allopathic medical preparations. It is one of the three best oils for https: with any respiratory tract problem becahttps: the component eucalyptol is mucolytic (it relaxes the flow of mucous). It excretes the eucalyptol out through the lung surface. Even if you take it internally in a tea form, eucalyptus will very quickly pass out of the body through the lungs, having its relaxing effect to the mucous membranes. As it is inhaled it gives an immediate effect; then again as it circulates out of the body. It is wonderful for acne becahttps: it reduces oil production and dries the tissue. It is thought to increase insulin production and help to balance the blood sugar.

Origin of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is grown in southern Europe, North Africa and Australia. Only 15 of its many varieties are https:d to make essential oils.

Properties of Eucalyptus oil

It has a pungent taste with heating and moisturizing energies. It acts as diaphoretic, decongestant, stimulant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, alterative, diuretic, expectorant, antipyretic and regenerative. These properties lower blood sugar, disinfects the air, increases concentration, and acts as deodorant and germicidal.

Most common https:s

  • Powerful antiseptic.

  • Soothes respiratory tract and is helpful in coughs and colds, croup, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, sinusitis and influenza.

  • https:ful in cases of cystitis.

  • Reduces temperature in illnesses such as measles, typhus and malaria.
  • Good for neuralgia and migraine headache.
  • Good for rheumatic conditions.

  • https:ful in diabetes.

  • Mixes well with: rosemary, wintergreen, juniper, lavender, mint, cedarwood, citri nella, geranium, tea tree, niaouli, angelica and elecampane.

    Warning: do not take more than one or two drops a day internally.