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Cramps, Cuts And Abrasions And Constipation - Cure by aromatherapy

CRAMPS Essential oils help warm and relax the tense muscles, ease the pain and, if need be, put you back to sleep.

For warming and relaxing the muscles:
· Eucalyptus
· Lemon
· Marjoram
· Mandarin

For period cramps:

· Jasmine
· Laurel
· Tarragon
· Fennel

For relaxing and soporific effects:

· Ambrette seed
· Rose
· Lavender
· Ylang-ylang


Essential oils are excellent at soothing, disinfecting and healing any minor cuts and skin abrasions from nappy rash to accidental nicks.

For anti bacterial, antiseptic and antiviral effects:

· Chamomile.
· Bergamot
· Lavender
· Citron- Ella
· Tea-tree

For soothing and healing effects:

· Geranium
· Marigold


These oils are helpful:

· Rosemary
· Black pepper
· Juniper
· Fennel.

You can add twelve drops of oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of a carrier oil and massage it into your abdomen.

OR add twenty drops to your bath and soak in it for fifteen minutes.