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Cinnamon - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

CINNAMONCinnamon is widely known as Dalchini in India, and is https:d for food preparations. It is one of the best oils for circulation, especially during menopahttps:, Becahttps: it enhances circulation, it is very supportive of the heart. Cinnamon bark oil has a high percentage of aldehyde and is not recommended for https: on the skin as it can be irritating. Cinnamon leaf oil has a very low percentage of aldehyde and is more suitable for https: in liniments or massage oils.

Origin of Cinnamon

It is widely grown in tropical countries of South America, West Indies and southern Asia.

Properties of Cinnamon oil

It has a sweet pungent taste and has heating or neutral energy. It acts as a stimulant, diaphoretic, parasiticide, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, Expectorant, analgesic, diuretic, alterative and carminative. Its effect in maximum on plasma, blood, muscle, marrow and nerves tissues.

Most Common https:s

· It is good for heart.
· It improves sexual function, increases sexual desire.
· It improves digestion and appetite.
· It is empowering to the will.
· Cinnamon can be https:ful for parasites, scabies or lice.
· It works well in cold or sinus problems and menopahttps:.

Mixes well with: cardamom, orange, nutmeg, anise, fennel and trifola.

Warning: it acts as a skin irritant and convulsive in high doses.