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Cellulite, Chicken Pox And Chilblains - Cure by aromatherapy

CELLULITE Cellulite, (a lumpy, dimpled, orange-peel textured to skin on thighs, bottom and backs of arms), is thought to be cahttps:d by a build-up of fluid and toxins in the tissues, due to poor circulation and hormonal fluctuations. Regular massage with essential oils can help to smooth the lumpy appearance of the skin.
Detoxifying essential oils:
· Juniper
· Geranium

Diuretic Essential oils:
· Rosemary
· Fennel

Oils boosting Circulation:
· Bay
· Cypress
· Lemon
· Lime
· Spruce
· Cedarwood

Decongestant oils:
· Lavender
· Sage
· Patchouli

Essential oils help tremendously by reducing the itchiness and stopping infection of the pox themselves.

Soothing, antiseptic, healing oils are:

· Tea-tree.
· Eucalyptus
· Bergamot, lavender .

Soothing anti-itch oil:

· Chamomile.


Chilblains appear as swollen, discolored veins on the fingers, toes and the backs of legs after exposure to very cold weather.

Oils that are warming and soothing are:

· Ginger.
· Spruce
· Eucalyptus

Oils that boost circulation are:

· Cypress
· Marjoram
· Rosemary
· Juniper
· Tea-tree
· Lemongrass
· Lemon