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Breathing Problems, Bruises And Burns - Cure by aromatherapy

BREATHING PROBLEMSBreathing problems cahttps:d by bronchitis, influenza and sinusitis are often characterised by the excessive production of mucus, continual coughing, a tight chest and labored breathing. Essential Oils that can reduce congestion and relax chest are:

For Coughs:
· Angelica
· Myrrh

Soothing ones:
· Cedarwood
· Sandalwood

· Peppermint
· Eucalyptus

Anti Viral
· Pine
· Tea tree
· Rosemary

WARNING: If you suffer from asthma or have a history of serious breathing problems, do not https: essential oils unless you first consult your doctor.

The purple, black or yellow discoloration of a bump or a knock, which remains long after the initial pain has gone, is due to blood seepage from damaged capillaries.

Essential oils for warming and increasing circulation are:
· Camphor.
· Clary Sage

For soothing: · Calendula
· Geranium

Anti Inflammatory
· Lavender.
· Cypress.

Burns resulting blisters and inflammation are very susceptible to infection. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties of essential oils help protect the area while new skin grows and help speed up the natural healing process.

These oils can be applied undiluted to burnt skin immediately:
· Lavender.
· Tea-tree .

These can be applied for further soothing effects:
· Chamomile.
· Geranium.
· Marigold
· Rose