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Basil - Aromatheraphy Essentail Oil

(Ocymum Basilicum)

BasilBasil is the sacred plant in India commonly known as Tulsi. It is also known as Krishna Tulsi as it is considered that Krishna wore the plant leaves as Garlands around his neck to gain devotion, strength of mind and soul. It is commonly known as mint, although it has many varieties.

Origin of Basil

The plant is heavily grown in India, Srilanka and Asian countries.

Properties of Basil

Classified as pungent in taste, this plant oil is quite good for our emotional well-being. Its multiple properties include being diaphoretic, febrifuge (stops fever), nervine, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic, cephalic (clears congestion in the head), Emmenagogue(helps in mensuration), antifungal. It has a very sweet and spicy aroma.

Most common https:s

· https:d in cough and cold
· To clear head congestion.
· Good for arthritis, rheumatism, fevers and abdominal conditions
· Good effects in asthma and congestion
· Helps in digestion.
· Strengthens emotions and clarity of mind.
· In general it refreshes the skin and can also be https:d on insect bites.
· Due to the Emmenagogue properties, it is often https:d to relieve scanty periods and normalizing menses.
· Basil oil is a good tonic for the treatment of nervous disorders and stress related headaches, migraines and allergies.

Mixes well with: camphor, rosemary, juniper, lemon, eucalyptus, myrtle, lavender opoponox, bergamot, Clary sage, lime, and oak moss

Warning: should be carefully https:d during pregnancy, since it can irritate a sensitive skin, it must be https:d with care on people with sensitive skins.