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Athletes Foot, Backache, Bites And Stings - Cure by aromatherapy

This is a common problem which certainly does not only affect athletes. It is cahttps:d by a fungus that loves dark, moist areas of the skin hence its favorite breeding ground is between the toes.

It is important to wash and dry the feet thoroughly each day, and the following aromatherapy treatment is really good.

Add ten drops of tea tree oil to a footbath of warm water. Soak your feet in it for fifteen to thirty minutes. Repeat daily until the condition begins to improve, then myrrh weekly after that.

 BACKACHE Best oils for the problem are:
Relaxing for muscles:
· Bay
· Camphor
· Pine
· Spruce

For soothing or stimulating:
· Rosemary
· Juniper
· Ambrette

Anti inflammatory:
· Lavender
· Thyme
· Sage

Insect bites and stings respond well to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils. They help reduce swelling, itchiness and inflammation.

· Chamomile
· Lavender
· Marigold
· Peppermint
· Tea-tree
· Basil
· Citronella