Aromatherapy Get an interesting insight on this alternative branch of medicine, where aroma oils hold the miraculous properties to heal and care for our overall well-being. Learn about this ancient branch that can be incorporated in our contemporary lifestyle, right from curing the diseases to total spiritual and emotional upliftment.
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  • What is Aromatherapy?
    What is Aromatherapy?Aromatherapy is the alternative branch of medicine. In literal sense, it means "Treatment through Fragrance!" Learn about this branch of Natural Healing that has been around for 6000 years and more. Know about its historical glory and service to mankind.
    Aromatherapy at Home
    Aromatherapy at HomeAroma oils have such widespread applications along with the natural benefit of good fragrance that they can be incorporated in every sphere of our daily life. The therapeutic properties of essential oils can benefit all the family members at one go. Learn about the various tips and guidelines to be the Aroma therapist of the family.
    Aroma Oils
    Aroma OilsEssential oils are the "life force of the plant." These essences have profound effects on our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual being. Let us discover few facts about the amazing properties of Aroma oils, and how we can benefit from them.
    Aromatherapy massages
    Aromatherapy massagesThe magic of touch can do wonders. Massage has a miraculous power of healing. The most wonderful aspect of massage is that anyone can enjoy its pleasures- both giving and receiving. And when Aroma oils are involved in the treatment, the experience is much more blissful and divine.

    Aromatherapy for kids
    Aromatherapy for kidsAromatherapy can prove to be very beneficial to the baby. Though massage is the most common form of giving aromatherapy treatment to the child, there are many ways of giving aromatherapy treatment as well. Give your baby the Aroma treats that will benefit him for the lifetime.
    Personal Care with Aromatherapy
    Personal Care with AromatherapyToday, millions of beauty parlors and spas across the world are employing aroma oils in their beauty treatments. We don`t have to visit a beauty parlor to gain the immense makeover. Nor do we have to spend those hard-earned rupees like water. Aromatherapy enables us to set up our own beauty parlor at home.
    Aromatherapy and Pregnancy
    Aromatherapy and PregnancyThe healing power of aromatherapy is extremely helpful during pregnancy. Aromatherapy oils can help to lessen the niggly, uncomfortable problems, such as nausea, swollen hands and feet, general aches and pains and fatigue. They can also help in relaxing and looking after the body as it slowly goes through changes in pregnancy.
    Aromatherapy products
    Aromatherapy productsAromatherapy products are becoming more common and popular day by day. Be it candles, pot pourris or aromatic jewellery, aromatherapy is making new statements for a lifestyle thats unique. Leran about the different tools and applications for breezy fragrances in your daily life.
    Cure By Aromatherapy
    Cure By AromatherapyAromatherapy is not just a beauty treatment but is also a gentle way of helping to restore the body`s natural resilience to viruses, infections and fatigue. In addition, it is particularly helpful for stress related conditions, so men can gain just as much benefit from it as women.
    Articles on Aromatherapy
    Articles about AromatherapyLearn in details about the various applications and facets of aromatherapy that are the breakthrough concepts for our lifestyle and well being.
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